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is for Training

Our bespoke training makes The TEA Project unique!  Programmes in English, Sinhala and Tamil promote health, safety, well-being and empowerment of children.  We train professionals to develop best practice methods and uphold children’s rights.  Children develop leadership qualities, life skills and aspiration. Training provides children and their communities with practical tools to make sustainable change at grassroots level.  

E is for Empowerment

The TEA Project believes the empowerment of children is central to poverty alleviation. The project supports child care services at local and national level to improve standards and provision; encouraging service providers to value the contribution made by children.  We create learning opportunities that develop ambition, increase resilience and unlock the hidden potential in every child.  

A is for Awareness

The TEA Project is a children’s rights led organisation.  We believe in Provision, Prevention, Protection and Participation rights of children.  The project promotes the voice of every child and actively engages with children to make change.  We advocate for children and run education programmes to increase practical awareness of the universal rights and principles enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.