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The TEA Project is based in Kandy, within the Central Highland Province of Sri Lanka. Like the unique Kandyan weather the ethnic & religious context is as strong and diverse with Sinhalese, Tamil, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim & Christian communities sharing the close proximity of the city. We are a grass roots organisation supporting children from the poorest urban and rural areas throughout Sri Lanka where education and lives have been disrupted by poor economics, war, poverty, abuse and natural disaster. We are always looking to expand our partnerships.

The TEA Project donates its services daily to assist a number of organisations who give support to thousands of vulnerable children and families from four key locations in the Central, Eastern, West & Northern regions of the country. We run a broad range of projects and programmes. Our tailor-made training is what makes The TEA Project unique; made to meet any learning objectives.

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Some of t h e things we do:

  • Run interactive, empowering training and workshops with children.
  • Devise creative and educational 'Schedules of Activity' to engage and attract children off the streets where they are vulnerable to exploitation, violence and many other dangers.
  • Develop child led training programmes with our partners that widen participation of children and young people and promote the voice of the child which are key International Children's Rights enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).
  • "Art is a universal communicator and an effective therapist" (Carl Gale - Co Founder of The TEA Project). We run weekly art classes with children aged 7 to 16 years encouraging them to develop their communicative abilities through expressive and challenging multiple mediums. Creativity is nurtured through positive group and individual activities in drawing, sculpture, creative writing and sound.

Copyright The TEA Project
Copyright The TEA Project







  • We train young people to become YOUTH VOLUNTEERS in their local communities.
  • Run English language & art classes.
  • Deliver weekly classes to local government schools for students from low income families to help raise educational standards.
  • Work with children and young people to develop a Charter of Rights.
  • Perform urban art community regeneration projects. In partnership with young people and by ascertaining their views, wishes and feelings we create large community mural pieces that represent their hopes, ambitions and dreams.
  • We have worked with the British Council in Kandy to create FREE English language opportunities for vulnerable children.
  • We deliver L.I.F.E (Leadership, Independence, Futures, Empowerment) training to an independent school that is unique by providing the highest standards of International education to poorer rural communities.
  • Advise and support our partners to develop best practice policies and procedures.
  • Provide oversees volunteer programmes.
  • Manage sustainable school partnerships between Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom; raising awareness, developing International friendships and creating vital fundraising opportunities.
  • Created the Penship Pal Programme which connects children in Asia and the United kingdom. Through the exchange of letter writing lasting friendships are encouraged and cultural awareness is raised.
  • Provide English Development & Consultancy Work to Schools & Organisations.
  • Run Youth Focused Yoga Programmes. Helping to develop the 'Mind, Body & Soul' of young people.
If you belong to a charitable organisation working with vulnerable children and young people, know an organisation that could benefit from our services or an individual who would be interested in volunteering for The TEA Project then please contact Racheal or Carl directly via their emails which are found on the 'Contact Us'page.